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Spring veggies

I was out in the garden today, starting to clean up and I remembered I hadn't posted some pictures from a few weeks back. Around the beginning of April, we opened up one of our hoop houses to harvest some veggies that had over-wintered in the garden. You can tell these pictures were from a few weeks back because of the snow, but ... oh yeah, it snowed yesterday!

over winter vegetables in spring

We had carrots and green onions under the plastic and lettuce inside a cold frame (double layer).

opening cold frame with vegetables in spring

over winter carrots in spring

The carrots pulled up great. Most were a pretty good size, although next year we will try and plant a little earlier so they grow a bit bigger before winter. The green onions also did well.

The lettuce, on the other hand, was a dud. This was likely, again, due to planting too late and not giving it a chance to establish before winter. We also stuffed the cold frame with straw to help keep it warm and we are wondering if we might kept the seeds from growing.

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