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First Post

urban homestead stone house

Homesteading "for the rest of us"? We are a family with full time jobs and busy lives trying to live as sustainably as we can (using old world techniques) in our contemporary lives. We believe strongly in ethical quality food and household products and try to make our own or buy locally whenever we can. This site chronicles our adventures: at growing and making as much of our own food as we can, making our own personal care products, minimizing our need for plastic and other products, etc. all while working towards leaving our land better than it was when we moved here.

If you scroll down you will see this isn't really our first post. Over the past few years we have made a few attempts at recording our adventures, mostly for friends and family. While we’ve included a number of our old blog posts, this is a new site with a different intention. Over the years we found that not only were people simply interested in following our latest project, but many wanted to know how they could do the same. While we are fortunate enough to have an acre of land, most of what we do could easily be done on a smaller property. So feel free to jump in wherever you are inspired … one project at a time.

Read our blog to find out about our latest project or challenge or follow us on Instagram for daily snippits.

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